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Company Name  CNNC SUFA Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.,
Registered Address: Suzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Huguan Industrial Park
The company referred to as: Nuclear Science and Technology
Legal representative: CHENJOHN column
Company secretaries: Yuan De steel
Registered capital (million): 21,300.9774
Industry Type: General machinery manufacturing
Postal Code: 215011
Phone: 0512-66672245
Fax: 0512-67526983
Website: www.chinasufa.com
Time to market: 1997-07-10
Prospectus Time: 1997-06-16
Number of shares to be issued (million shares): 3000
Issue price ($): 5.33
Issued City win rate (times): 16
Issue: Internet pricing issue
Lead underwriter: GF Securities Co., Ltd.
Listed Recommended by: GF Securities Co., Ltd.